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Commercial Refrigeration

See our Equipment Catalogue featuring:  Unit Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers, Fluid Coolers, Condensing Units, Remote Compressor Units and a variety of Customized Units.

Finned Tube Coils

Learn about our finned tube products including ARI Certified chilled water, hot water and DX coils, and custom designed and built OEM coils used as evaporators and condensers for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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With three decades of progress, there is a reason why Cancoil is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of commercial refrigeration products in North America: we take our customers' needs seriously. Whether designing refrigeration systems for large warehouses or selecting condenser coils for ice cream machines, our staff will work with you to find the right solution to your application problem. Cancoil is dedicated to continuously improving our processes to enhance the quality of our products.  Contact our sales department to discover how we can help you fulfill your goals.


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