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Cancoil Glycol Product Coolers are designed for use in systems where room temperatures are 34 deg F and above and where cold water or glycol solution is used as the cooling medium.

Applications include greenhouses, supermarkets, commercial storages or wherever a stable product temperature and low refrigerant charge are required.

Generous amounts of coil surface and airflow assure that chilled air is distributed throughout the refrigerated space. Coils are circuited for high heat transfer and low pressure drop. Computer ratings accurately match the coil to the job requirements.

  • Specify Model LVB where low velocity air is required
  • Specify Model LPB for air throw up to 20 ft
  • Specify Model MPB for air throw up to 48 ft
  • Specify Model HPB for air throw up to 90 ft

Of course these products can be modified should the design requirement be more demanding. Contact our sales department for more information.

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